Download a Single Facebook Photo on Desktop and Android

8 Quick Ways to Download All Your Facebook Photos and Albums

Be Careful with the information you have downloaded as it contains all your personal Facebook information. Now that it is on your PC, anyone can access it without any need of Facebook password. Furthermore, make sure you delete it permanently as information is not deleted permanently with the standard Windows Delete method and can be recovered using proper tools.

You can download all your Facebook photos or just required albums and photos.

It is a simple to use photo and video downloading service that supports Facebook, Instagram and Vine. It interacts with Facebook just like any other app you use, it will require you to login with Facebook and will ask for basic permissions. You will see all your Videos and Photos under proper tab, such as Tagged and Albums that will contain all Tagged photos and All your albums respectively.

How can I download all photos in "photos of you" quickly or move them to album?

Album downloading is a really great middle ground between downloading individual images and your entire library, meaning most users will probably find this to be the most useful method for downloading images. From here, find the album you wish to download—the amount of photos in each album is listed at the bottom of each selection—and tap your selection to open it.

Downloading Separate Image Files From Facebook

Zip files have to be unzipped to use your files, but luckily MacOS and Windows 10 both support uncompressing files and folders out of the box. In MacOS, double-tap on your folder to receive an uncompressed version.

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Since any download app will require you to log into your Facebook account within the app, realize that you have essentially given your password away, and definitely change your password after using the app. We recommend Photos Downloader for Facebook. Still, it has some decent review scores, even if nothing here is truly impressive.

Download All Your Tagged Photos on Facebook!

The app does a great job in allowing users to download multiple images at once. There are a bunch of options here, and truth be told, the app has a bit of a learning curve.

Download Pictures and Videos from Facebook and Vine - PickNZip

After a few moments of preparing your export, your download will be opened in a new tab within DownAlbum, not within Facebook. Unfortunately, PhotoGrabber isn't so good at downloading pictures you're tagged in through another service like Instagram , so you might need to pop in and manually download those as well. The simplest way to archive any photos you're tagged in is with the service-linking automation webapp If This Then That. With IFTTT, you can set it up so that every time you're tagged in a Facebook photo, that photo is uploaded to another service of your choosing.

That's it. From now on, when someone tags you in a photo, that photo will automatically get saved elsewhere. The benefit is that your family photos, group pictures, and everything else will be saved on your hard drive long after your friends remove their Facebook pages. Using IFTTT to automate grabbing photos is great, but it doesn't really help you after your grandma suddenly decides she's sick of all the Facebook drama and suddenly deletes her account.

Backup your pictures and videos

In order to get these pictures back, you'll need to reach out to your friend and ask for them. If they don't have a backup on their computer, then they can still easily grab those photos. Chances are, they just deactivated their Facebook account , and that means it's easy to recover those pictures.

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Ask them to log back in to Facebook just this one more time!