How to Use Lock Screen in MacOS via Menu

Hot Corners is one of those features Mac users either love or ignore completely. If you like the feature, you can use it to lock your screen. Either way, your Mac will be locked when you trigger this corner. You can also use this menu to lock and unlock keychains, of course, but the ability to lock your Mac is a nice addition.

How to lock your Mac or put your screen to sleep in macOS

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Testing the “Sleep” shortcut

How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. Hot corners are an ability within macOS that allows you to perform a specific action, such as locking your machine, when your mouse is moved into one of the four corners of your monitor. To enable the feature, follow these steps:. Select the drop-down next to the adjacent corner you would like to use your MacBook then select the Lock Screen option.

Checking your password settings

If you have a MacBook Pro machine with a touch bar , you can place a dedicated icon into the screen strip that will lock your MacBook when tapped. Follow these instructions to customize your touch bar for the functionality:.

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This ability is only present on MacBook Pro computers with the touch bar. The following models of MacBook Pro include the touch bar, all inch machines since , and select inch machines since Select the Customize Touch Bar Use your mouse to drag the Screen Lock button down to your touch bar. There may be instances when you don't want to lock your MacBook manually, but would instead prefer that your machine perform the task for you.

Additionally, enabling these options will increase the overall security of your device. - MacOS - Create a "Sleep" Keyboard Shortcut on a Windows Keyboard

If you close the lid of your computer or are away from it long enough that the screensaver engages, you are properly distant enough from the machine that you prefer it to be kept locked. Follow these steps to have your MacBook automatically lock itself whenever put to sleep or when the screensaver engages. Ensure the checkbox is selected next to Require password and then ensure the option in the drop-down box is set to Immediately.

That's it, your screen will now automatically lock when the screensaver engages or when you put your computer to sleep — such as when you close the lid. Locking your MacBook is a significant first step to ensure those who should have access to your machine; however, with a few proper tools and the right knowledge, someone still might be able to access your data with more advanced means.

How to lock your Mac screen with a keyboard shortcut

For more advanced protection, consider enabling FileVault on your MacBook so that your entire drive, and its contents, are encrypted. Share Pin Email.

Michael Archambault is a technology writer and digital media specialist. Select the System Preferences option. You have now disabled automatic login on macOS. Lock MacBook via Apple Icon.