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FreqAnalyst Pro. Gain Suite. Liny EQ. MB-5 Dynamix. MB-7 Mixer. Oscilloscope Multi. Remote Control. Stereo Chorus. Stereo Flanger. Stereo Liny EQ. Stereo Parametr'EQ. Stereo Phaser. StereoScope Multi. StereoScope Pro. Stereo Triple EQ. Triple EQ. Widening Liny EQ. Widening Parametr'EQ. Widening Triple EQ. Alchemy Player. Melodyne essential. Melodyne assistant. Melodyne editor.

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THC Distortion Stompbox. McDSP v5. Analog Channel. Channel G. Channel G Compact. Channel G Surround. Chrome Tone.

Hello World in Java on Mac OS X

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Reaktor 5. SoundCode for Dolby Digital. SoundCode for Dolby E. SoundCode Stereo LtRt. Plate Reverb. Reverb Space Station SST Reason Adapted. For individual system requirements, please see: www. PSP VintageWarmer2. Lexicon PSP PSP StereoPack. PSP MasterComp. PSP PianoVerb. Wave Rider Mac only. Pitch 'n Time Pro. Pitch 'n Time LE. Rane Series Dynamics. Rane Series Equalizers. Virtual Console Collection. Acoustic Feedback Native. Acoustic Feedback Native White Amp. Bass Amp Room Native.

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As with my MailRecent plugin , I wrote this MailFollowUp plugin for myself, but hope that others might find it useful too. You might need to provide Full Disk Access link for the Terminal application to successfully use the following commands. You should remove this elevated Terminal permission after you have issued the commands. Also, as of macOS After you install any plugin including mine you must enable them from within Mail per steps 5—9 below. By default MailFollowUp will leave the follow-up subject prefix as "Re: " as with a normal reply. To provide maximum flexibility, the string you specify will replace all four characters of "Re: " incuding the final space.

For most people the string will likely end with ": " a colon and a space. You are welcome to ask for support via email. Last updated. If you would like to buy me a beer Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Adds "Follow Up" items to the Message and contextual menus and optionally a toolbar button of Apple's Mail application that allows you to compose and then send a quoted version of the original message to all of the original recipients, keeping the To, Cc and Bcc addresses as they appeared in the original message.

In keeping with Mail's built-in Reply and Reply All functionality, the plugin adds "Follow Up" original To: recipients only and "Follow Up All" all original recipients functionality via both menus and toolbar items. Download latest plugin for Older versions no longer maintained : 1.